Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The J-E-T-S Situation

Something about what the Jets are doing is puzzling me. I'm not impressed with their team at all. Furthermore I'm
not impressed with their 1 star receiver. The guy is no Calvin, or Fitzgerald, and even if he were....who's going to throw it to him? My Tebow Projections are looking more like week one. With Tebow at QB it gives the Jets an extra RB option...and that's it. That to me is the most successful set it. It's simple but tricky. You have a more durable Michael Vick in Tebow who can hand it off, and share carries with the RB %25 of the time, and then once in a blue moon use his arm to trick the unsuspecting defense. I find this set up more valuable than whatever Sanchez has offered thus far, I think the Jets do too. I think in week 1 if Sanchez is not wow, we will see Tebow start the second half. Sanchez is not horrible I think he's actually a good back up QB if he were lucky enough to back up a decent QB for a few years like others have. (Romo, Rodgers, Kolb, Flynn) Have a good example. Sanchez was thrown into the fire, and he's no Eli, he's no Cam newton. This is the year in comparison to others that he has to be SIGNIFICANTLY better than years past . Hopefully for his sake he can do it. Im not worried about Tebow he will survive and have opportunities elsewhere.

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