Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allsportstees Smack talk blog Entry 2

New York Jets...Tebow Time?

Hello folks welcome to the second installment of  Allsportstees Smack talk blog discussing today's sports topics.
The New Orleans Saints: Let me put my two cents in and say that I find something wrong by allowing Sean Payton to hand pick a a hall of fame coach in Bill Parcels to replace him during his time of suspension. A few days ago I was all the way 100% against the idea. Because its almost as if the NFL's sanction failed. However yesterday as I was listening to sports radio 660 while driving (in my Mrs. Beastly who currently has a strut Booboo :-() one caller pointed out and brought to light that the punishment was intended to penalize the coaching staff,....not Saint fans. I guess I'd have felt better about it had Sean not been the one personally involved in getting Parcells. But as it stands it makes sense, and I am fine with it. As for Payton's appeal? I say fat chance. Serve your time, sit yo ass down.
Allsportstees on New York Tebowmania: Ok ok, the whole thing is a publicity stunt. Yes yes, The New York Jets  have no real plan for Tebow ok. You win your argument. *shrug* BUUUUUT, see thats not where the story ends. Being a jaded new York fan (Giants Excluded), the fact that we now have Tebow is going to bring so much attention to the sports area for better of for worse. I watched the entire saga of last season on the Tebow support side of the fence and in almost every situation I sympathized with the circumstances he has been dealt.  Now is no exception. The Jets really do not deserve him. And for that I feel sorry he even has to play there.
Mark Sanchez is no huge step up from Tebow. If will power were a measurement towards QB skills Tebow would be at the top. He is a born leader. Leadership qualities is a hard thing to teach, to me
it's harder to teach than throwing mechanics and accuracy. Mark Sanchez and many other quarterbacks in the league lacks this quality. The elite QB's have it along with the physical skill...well that's what makes them elite. In tie wherever he ends up Tebow will be well rounded. I look back and laugh at the Broncos Peyton acquisition, what a risky move to get rid of the proven back up and replaced with an injured all time great HOF. I dunno,...but I see holes in that plan. I laugh at the Jets for paying Sanchez with a new contract when they did. What happened to the phrase "wait and see"? Unfortunately the for Sanchez the Tebow stage has been set up. Instant hot seat. If I were a receiver I wouldn't want to be a jet right now either, but if I were any other position, HELL YES! I'm not making any predictions but when you have Tebow expect the unexpected. Critics have been waiting for the kid to give up an follow status quo. He does not care what is "normal" or "acceptable" he doesn't live his life that way.  He just sets his goals and keeps moving forward. Shouldn't we all be living that way? I'm not a hardcore fanatic like Skip Bayless, but I do know that the kid knows how to win.

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