Thursday, March 29, 2012

Entry 3: NBA Teams on my mind right now


Watching the 4th quarter of the Clippers game against the Suns, and I dunno *shrug* this looks like a team of the future. CP3, Blake, this is no gimmick...if refined. Bulls are insane. I vouch for that. I give credit where credit is due when your star is out and your "winning!". Thunder up Mutha fucker. I have to admit I think Durant is good all by himself, but Westbrook is very strong. Nothing they accomplish this year will surprise me. What they fail to accomplish will. The spurs. I'm just saying their name just because...There I said spurs. When will their respect end? Gosh damn. See that's me being humble. Knicks:seriously WTF. Nets: just signed Jay-Z,...what? he was available. :-p He has the blue print for success. My dream NBA FINALS for 2012: Clippers vs Heat.

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